MicroDAQ Configuration(WIFI)

8 months ago

The MicroDAQ E1100/E2000 is a DSP real-time control measurement device designed to solve complex problems.This device combines TI C6000 fixes/floating point DSP core and an ARM9 core.The MicroDAQ E1100 is equipped with up to 8 channel analog input with a sample rate of upto 166 KSPS.
MicroDAQ is an ideal platform for developers, scientists and geeks involved in real-time measurement and control development. The platform supports design flows from popular model based tools like SCILAB, MATLAB, and LABVIEW. The user has the choice to either go with a complete open source software toolchain or with the existing access to proprietary tools in the house.
In this video we will look how can configure Wi-Fi program through the same.


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